Friday, December 7, 2012

Essay day.

My Literature and Contextual essay has been handed in.  Hurrah!

I'd've normally said that it was a huge weight off my shoulders but, to be honest, since I handed in the bulk of the writing last week and only really had to make amendments this week, once I'd handed it in today, it didn't feel too different.  I guess procrastinating and doing things last minute feels better in the end.

Now to go home and play Borderlands 2.

The Strategy Guide for which I bought this morning.

I can't wait to read it again and again.

Although I found something that made me a little sad...

I played for a while as Zer0 - an assassin that is great at sniping and ranged attacks, but also good at getting out of a close-combat situation by throwing out a hologram of himself that the enemies attack; letting you, the player, run away and flank or recover somewhat.

One of the lovely bits I found in the game was ClapTrap's storage unit - it's basically a safe that you can put items in so that they can share those items with other characters.

I thought - like with the first game - one could run concurrent games with every available character.  If you're at level 25 with one class and want to try something different, then you could go to the home screen, start again and once you've saved your second class at, let's say, level 7; you could then go back to the home screen and pick up the game with your level 25 character.  All good.

When I saw this little storage unit and made that connection, I thought it'd be great to find something as an assassin and store it for use by my commando.

I obviously didn't think about the loophole that such a perk would enable - finding a great weapon further in the game only to go back and share it with a character that would otherwise have to work for it.

So there went me signing out of a good game with a teen-level Zer0, to sign in with this guy:

Axton.  The commando.  He's like Roland in the first game, but his perk is a little better and - as with the rest of the characters - much more customisable.  I could go down one path and trick out my turret with two guns, I could add rocket launchers to it, magnetise it or even have two.  It's great.

But after I saved my second game and tried to nip back on to my first, it was gone.


I guess I'm set to play as Axton now.

But no matter.  At least it wasn't my third or fourth choice of character to play...

I'm going home.


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