Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Another post with a load of sketchbook pages here for you.  I've been doodling away for the past few weeks in the times between loading screens and meals.  It's been pretty nice trying to draw one character over and over again in different poses.  Something I should do more of - it's nice to get to know a character like that, I guess.

Here it is/they are:

One of the first doodles after I'd got a better idea of what I was wanting the aliens to look like.  During a lecture in which I probably should have been taking notes.  I took a few notes.

I call this 'The Tired Page'.  You know those days that don't really go right?  None of the lines you want to draw will go where you want them to.  This whole page was like that.  And I was tried which made it immesureably worse.

A bit happier with this one!  There's a little squid robot in the bottom left there, but other than that, this is an all-alien page.  I thought it'd look better for the aliens to wield more primitive weapons - guns and technology are cool and all, but I thought aliens and guns are drawn together a lot, so why not be different?

Another page of poses.  At the bottom left here is one of the royal bloodline aliens.  Their shells are much more rounded and they have a more heavier-set body type than the working classes and savages.

Another helpful note-taking session in a lecture.

Yet more poses.  There's only so many ways to introduce a page like this.  I think I've exhausted them.

And another not-so-hot doodle page.  There'll be something useable there, but it'll take a while to find it.
Thanks again for reading.  I really appreciate your time.

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