Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A note.

Two things:

Sorry for some of the more word-heavy posts lately.  I'm trying to research a bit for my MA and as this blog serves as my reflective journal - my space in which to put everything that's going on while I do my Masters and what I'm looking at to help me on this little sojourn - it inevitably ends up getting somewhat wordy.  My great appreciation for sticking through it  :)  Also, check out some of the links if you're interested in this whole Augmented Reality thing.  It's pretty interesting.

Secondly;  I'm 26 years old, now!

My birthday was yesterday and I've had a wonderful time this month.  My wifey and I celebrate our birth months, so as well as yesterday saw my birthday, it also saw the coming of the middle of Danvember.  I like Danvember.

On Friday, a load of guys from church came round and we had a wonderful, semi-geeky game night while my wifey had a lovely time with one of ther girl friends.

On Saturday, I was taken to an Age of Empires II tournament at a friend's house in Southport.  Wonderful afternoon!  After that, we went to my folks' house for birthday dinner and some little presents and things.

Sunday saw a huge carvery after church with another load of mates.

Yesterday, we went to Chorely to look at the charity shops there.  We found an International Aid Trust charity shop which proved fruitful.  I got a copy of Trivial Pursuit for £1!  The only one I've ever seen for less than a fiver.  Needless to say I grabbed it as soon as I saw the price and didn't let go until I was locking eyes with the cashier - lest she think someone else put it down at the counter.

All of these things we complete surprises and were absolutely amazing.  I am super blessed not only to have a huge bunch of friends who I can have fantastic times with, but the best friend of all and the love of my life - my wifey.  She's such a huge blessing, a huge part of who I am and I love her incredibly.

Danvember and Melpril see us having small things every day of the month, so I have even more to look forward to!

Also, we celebrate our birth days every month.  The 12th of the months are Dan-days and the 23rd of the months are Mel-days.  Being married is freaking amazing.

So after apologising for word-heavy posts, thanks for reading through this!

Here's a monkey soldier from some time ago.  I've more than likely posted this before, but I thought I'd better give you something to look at.


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