Friday, June 22, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CLXXIV - CLXXV].

Something struck me as quite funny now that the bloke in charge of FIFA has now said that goal-line technology should now be used in footy matches.

Seems to me that he realised that if it had been England who had a goal disallowed the other day, he'd be in a world of trouble and/or pain.  But - thankfully - it was the Ukraine who had a goal disallowed so that gives him a little breathing room.

My wifey and I posted away her visa application this morning, so that was a huge load off our backs - just in time for me to go into work.  It's all in God's hands now and He is more than capable of taking care of it!  Knowing that there's nothing more we can do takes a lot of pressure off and I'm going to sleep very well tonight.

As a bonus, work was pretty quiet so I got to come home early to my wifey and now we're chilling on the couch watching Michael McIntyre.

It is a good day.


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