Friday, June 8, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CLX].

Started working again at Nando's today.  To those of you in the UK who haven't been to Nando's before; go.  Go now.  It's amazing and I have missed it a lot.

It's been nice getting back into the swing of it - I did a bit of everything today.  A nice way of breaking back in.

For today, I've got a photo that one of my friends from America sent to me.

It's one of the last dolls I made while we were over there and it's a design that I love!  The material I used for it was really great, too, and combined with using one colour for the inside of the arms and legs and another colour for the rest, it's a doll that is a joy to make.  And yes.  Nice to sell...

And here's a photo from me.  My mum made us a wonderful Anniversary card!  I thought it was a photo when we first opened it  :D

I'm working again tomorrow and a couple of other days before going on a team build day!  Nice timing!


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