Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CLXXII - CLXXIII].

My little brother turned 21 yesterday.  I think he celebrated by going to the gym and having some Chinese food in the evening.  I'm pretty certain that that's not all he did, but I haven't asked him much more.

A borrowed figure (plus a couple of arms) for the purpose of thinking through another character design for one of my projects.  I was pretty happy with the quick, line drawing back next to it.  It was a template for the drawing below - a different location for the hourglass marks.

And here's the idea for the other location.

A quick gas mask study.  Because it's the first obvious choice for quick drawn studies.

A LARPer.  Or my experience of one.  Minus the hair, yes, but everything else is included.  I believe that's lightning in his right hand.

One of my friend from the course has created a blog - - so go and have a look-see!  This groups of doodles was from the challenge to draw a video game character in a way that the character hasn't been drawn before.

The challenge rules are simple - 1/2 hour prep time - gathering sources and ideas and inspiration, etc and then 2 hours drawing time.  It doesn't have to be one two hour stint, but the total time taken to draw out your final idea shouldn't be more than 2 hours.  Than you email it to him and he posts it on the blog.

It's a fantastic idea and it's something that I will be trying to contribute to as much as I can.

For this challenge, I took Pyro - the greatest character in TF/TF2 - and tried to see what I could do.  These are my thumbnails to see where I would take it; and I included them in my 1/2 hour thought-gathering process.

Then I thought it'd be cool to see what Link would look like in one of the thumbs I'd drawn, so there's why he's in the bottom one here.  After that, I went off on one and figured the Pyro may never have been drawn as a Native American before - so that ended up with the top thumbnail here.  Instead of a flamethrower, I gave him a torch and instead of a Firemans' axe, I gave him a tomahawk.

So that led to another pose of the Native American Pyro (with the opposite view of Link fromt he thumbs above)...

And another...

And that's when I thought "This is going well; I think I'll draw Link again a few more times."

And here's the final image.  Of sorts.  I figured I'd taken the challenge off course, so I decided to see it through to at least a good drawing of Link.  Bow and arrow option here, with little Navi up to the right, there.  Once Photoshop gets a-goin' I'll throw some colours on this.

Speaking of colours (seamless), my wifey and I stopped off at the side of a pub to watch this guy do his thang for a while.  It was really nice to watch.  He said he tried to so a new one every week - weather permitting.

I'm going to wrap it up here.  I've got a bit to say about the footy - as most Englishmen will - but it's not too important to lose sleep over.  There was another thing, too, but it's slipped my mind.  Maybe it'll make it's way back in there by tomorrow.


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