Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CLXI - CLXXI].

Well this Roman Numeral thing worked for longer than I thought it would.  I've sorted it out now, but I'm not sure how accurate the past few weeks have been.

For today:

Lovely little spider protecting his babies.  Caught it while I was cutting the grass the other day and figured I'd try and get a few good shots of it.

And then this beaut.  Rana temporaria - the common frog.  Nice to see it now that I'm back on UK shores.  Took my time appreciating it and getting a few nice shots of it.  Lovely stuff!

I've been getting back on the drawing wagon after a short hiatus.  It's enjoyable again!  I went to the degree show of the Games Design course at university on Friday night and then again this afternoon with my wifey.  Really nice to see some of the work that's up.

Can't wait to start up again in the studios in September!


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