Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Technology, right?

I'm the gremlin in the system.  It doesn't matter what system.  Any system.  I've had more trouble than most when it comes to paying council tax, booking flights, checking into a hotel, logging in to a computer, installing software, using software, getting a SIM card for a phone, cancelling a SIM card for a phone and transferring stores with my job.  To name but a few things.  Whilst I have come to expect it (and can therefore deal with it well) there are times when it gets too much and I just want to do something else.

This morning, although small, I've found myself getting very angry and frustrated that I can find no tablet that works with my computer.  I've seen everyone else using the same tablets on their computers with no problems, but when I try to run the drivers to use it, no dice.  The automated install that happens when I plug it into the USB port didn't work.  The website designed to provide drivers to install to run the tablet provides the software but the computer won't run it.  When I try to open and run it in a different way, I'm told that I can't because I'm not a freakin' administrator.

And of course this doesn't happen on a day when there's a lecturer free to give me a hand.  No.  There's a single lecturer in here and they are overseeing at least 40 people.

I guess I'm colouring in with a mouse this morning.


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