Thursday, October 10, 2013

Round up.

And so begins the rounding up of the work that I've been doing over this past year.

A lot of sketchbooks and written notes.  I'm pretty excited to hand it all in but there's a little part of me that's pessimistically expecting to be told about something else we have to have done the day before we hand everything in...  Maybe that's just the influence of going through the Bachelors here...

I'll post the pages of my book here early next week.  For now, it's just an update to let my mum know I'm still alive and my wife know that I love her dearly.

Also, while there's nothing much more I need to be doing (apart from buying a flash drive to put everything on), I am still waiting on two contacts to put together a prototype for my final show.  Which is nerve-racking.  I've done everything I can and it is out of my hands - and has been for a good while now.  Having that sense of pretty much utter helplessness when it comes to finishing this thing is not the nicest feeling.  I have one photo to take in order to make a poster and I have one page to print in order to have the image I need available for people to see and use for the prototype; it's the prototype itself that I'm waiting for.

Try as I may, talking about it here isn't speeding up the process.  I'll have to get the nagging hat out.  It's the hat I wear when I'm reminding people that they said they'd help me.

One from a while ago, but eh.  Here it is again.


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