Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fairweather Forecast.

I made a joke that includes my surname.  We have A BABY ON THE WAY!

I'm so excited and stoked and honoured and blessed to be able to be part of an amazing family.  My wifey and I just can't wait!  The expected due date is April the 21st - just two days before my wifey's birthday!  It's going to be an expensive April for me from here on in!


Now it's not twins - the kid moved around when the midwife was scanning.  At the top there we've got a nice profile and underneath we've got a couple of arms in the picture.

From what little I know, the baby is fully formed now; the only thing left for it to do is scale up until it's about ready to come out.

Easy, right?

Please don't tell my wife I said that last thing.


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