Friday, October 11, 2013


I got the book through!  I was fully expecting it to be here before my deadline - primarily because I paid a cost that was bigger than the book itself to ensure that happening.  I was expecting it to be here on Wednesday at the latest, so to have it in my hands right now is such a weight off!  One less thing to worry about...

Although I'm going to have to remember not to leave it at home on Wednesday...

Now to wait for the prototype and a little 3D print that I got started this morning.  I've spent the day organising all of my files, images, models, writing and miscellaneous bits into easier-to-follow folders so that I can just throw everything onto a flash drive next week.

What an exciting day.

Whilst going through all of my folders and pictures, I found a lot that I'd like to share.  So share I will.

They are not part of this year at uni, but I found them whilst organising my uni stuff, so I guess that's something.  They are some of my favourite photos and it looks like they span at least six years...

A little stray cat took an interest in my camera while we were eating in a restaurant in Marrakesh.  I ignored it after that, but the simple task of taking a picture meant that this guy thought I wanted to keep it forever and that we were now best friends.  The pizza was delicious.

I saw this guy hauling himself across a field while we were on our way to the foot of the Atlas mountains.  The first wild tortoise I'd ever seen!  To commemorate this, I got right up in it's face and re-enforced it's stereotypical view of tourists.

Sunset over Marrakesh - the Pink City.

One of the wall flowers in the gardens in Marrakesh.  I had only recently found the macro setting on my camera and I wanted the world to know.

This seagull is four times as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

Central Park.  It was February when we went and it was extremely cold.  But absolutely beautiful.

Central Park squirrel.

One of my favourite photos I've ever taken.  A manual radial blur.  I was so happy with this shot that I didn't take all that many afterwards.  I started zoomed in on the guy, opened the shutter and zoomed out for the remainder of the 3-/5-second open shutter time.  Grand Central Station.

I can't remember where this was, but I'm going to guess Oklahoma.

Another one I'm not sure about.  I did take a good few shots like this in New York - I figured I'd try and be all artsy while in one of the most diverse cities I know of.

Oklahoma.  One of the most enjoyable experiences I've had.  Me and a couple of great friends sitting out on a porch while a thunderstorm passed by.  The rain didn't reach us but the lightning was big enough to make up for it.

My best mate, Tim.  A little blurred, but that's what I was going for, I guess.  I wanted to get him lit up by the streetlight and have the car headlights streaking past.  We waited a while for the car because there was very little traffic at the time we were out.

So there we go.  I've found a lot more - and a highlight folder from my year abroad!  I'll post that in four parts because it's a little large.

Now to wrap up the post...


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