Thursday, May 30, 2013


Research and things like that are best done in bits and bobs.  Here's a link for a little article on a new game (I think it's called 'TUG') that has just been funded by Kickstarter.  The game is very social science-focused; looking at the players themselves to evolve the game and carry on making it better and better.  There are a few great ideas from the guys at that company and it's great to see the game get going.  Hopefully it'll keep getting better and better.

And I love the concept work.

The article mentions character customisation and it was encouraging to see that, even though briefly mentioned in a two-paragraph article.  It's something that I've been toying with greatly in my designs and my project this year, so it's encouraging to see that it's still at the front of the minds of people who have taken their designs and projects to the next level.

Then there's Kickstarter.  Check out these guys and their TCGMMO.  That's right.  Online multiplayer-focused Trading Card Game.  Rolls off the tongue as easily as my RPARTCG, right?  (I think that's the most accurate description of my project thus far).  Check out their homepage, too, and have a good gander at their site.  Some really lovely stuff there.  Now to convince my wifey that I should buy a computer and some cards instead of food this week...

I'm off to work.


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