Friday, May 24, 2013

Iron Men - Three!

I had a dream last night that Galactus popped in to lend a surprisingly helpful hand to a band of heroes as they fought their way to goodness and peace and all things lovely.

This dream included what I think were three versions of Iron Man.  Only one of which I knew about previously.

There were also three brothers - two with super powers.  The third may have had a super power, but I don't know.  He was off flying a small plane, so I didn't get to meet him.  The second brother was one of the Iron Men - a very old version.  The third and oldest brother was similar in powers to the human torch but he could be cold to the touch.  And didn't have to be on fire in order to fly.  It was pretty cool.  Although he got into a scrap with the original Iron Man (a different version than his younger brother).  This original Iron Man had Spidey's webslinging ability (obviously) as well as an odd green and purple suit.

This is a quick doodle of him:

Now as you can see, his bronze, spiky head was a little off; as well as the fact that he was spinning black web and sporting a purple and green suit.  He fought well, though.  It was pretty sweet to watch.

Something else happened with someone falling out of a window or something.  They got saved by the Not-Really-Human-Torch, though, so they were ok.

At the end of the dream, Galactus flew off in his spaceship which was also part of the building we were on the roof of.

A good night.


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