Monday, May 13, 2013


Nipped into uni after getting sent home from work early because it was dead.  After this, I'm going to go and pick up some veg and make dinner.  Not a bad day.

I've been experimenting with getting shapes and things down (relatively) quickly to get ideas forward or moving or whatever it is ideas do to progress.  Here it is:

I just use the lasso tool on polygonal and fill in whatever shapes I happen to make.  It's pretty fun.  I drew out the idea for this in my sketchbook last night.  I'll have another go at it when I have more time.  I'm wanting to make the main figure a little bigger so that the smaller figures in the background are more clear.  I've also used a pose that I didn't draw out, so that made it a little harder to get the look I wanted.  But I'm happy with it!  It's a new way of working and I like it a lot.


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