Thursday, May 9, 2013

Presentation slides.

I thought I'd share some slides from my presentation that I did on Tuesday.  It went pretty well and I'm really happy with my feedback - I've got a lot to do this next semester and I can't wait to get started on it!

The SpEngineer.  So named by my good friend Stu Allardes.  A fun character that I'm going to enjoy drawing more and more through the next few months.


The two character progression sheets for my main character - Subject 86.  From the top left initial figure idea to the bottom right drawing of where he's at right now.  Between the two are the progressions and practices of the character drawing.  Also between the two (but not pictured), I found a style of colouring on Photoshop that I really like.  And it's how I've coloured Subject 86 at the end here.

The progression sheet for the alien.  Starting with an arm is odd - the arm that Subject 86 has is the arm that I knew the aliens would have, but I didn't have the overall design for the aliens at the point of making Subject 86.  So I started designing the alien based on what I knew I wanted his arm to look like.  Sort of like an Archaeologist or Palaeontologist theorising about what a new dinosaur would look like based on a tooth or something.  I'd be a Xenocryptozooligist, though.  That sounds far more exciting.  Or a Cryptoxenozoologist.  I don't know which way round it'd be.

I'm going to draw some more.


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