Friday, May 24, 2013


Applying for jobs is one of those things that I have little know-how about.  I've worked my fair share of jobs but I work them for long enough to forget the whole application process.  I guess that's usually a good thing, but not right now.

I found this guy this morning and I really like his stuff.  Especially his Tribe Bot series.  Very Chibby Bertie the Pipe Bomb.  Lovely stuff.

I figured I'd have a very quick scrawl and come up with two other colours for him - Orange and Grey:

The blocks of colour are so that they're distinguishable.  The Orange Tribe are the pyro-type.  Flares and things that fizzle are their wont.  The Grey Tribe are partial to a little nostalgia; frequently brandishing obscure weaponry that is of no real practical use today.

I'd love to work on these a little more, so hopefully he'll get back in touch.  If you're reading; Hey there, Mr Space Cow!  Thanks for taking the time to have a look here!


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