Saturday, June 1, 2013

Epic ideas.

Now I don't like using the word 'epic' to describe anything but a long writing.  I really don't.

I went and saw the film with my little brother the other day.  It was amazing!

My creative mind went into overdrive throughout the film, though.  I do like it when that happens.  I was thinking about what they could have done differently, what they could have added, what the different characters could look like with different outfits and weapons.  As fun as it was watching the film, I did love finding my own little carved-out nook within this other world.  What would I look like if I lived in this world?  How would I interact with everything that's going on?  These things make films fun for me - as I'd imagine they would for the majority.  It's fun to go and see films.  It's how we escape whatever is going on.  I've always seen the main character in a film as a representation of the viewer.  Whether this is extremely obvious or not, I don't know, but I figure it's the common thought.

It's nice to see how the director would make you think you'd act, but I've always liked imagining myself as a supporting character.  Or as a non-represented character that could run/fight/think alongside the main guy.

My thoughts on the film, however, turned to the game world (as they most frequently do) and I found myself creating a load of mechanics and designs for a game based on little people.  Not little people in the Politically Correct sense, but foot-high beings that would roam the houses and forests.

What's nice is that it is also based on a project that I'm waiting to lift off the ground.  I love the really well done images of 1/6th scale figures.  Yea, essentially Action Man/G.I. Joe, but much, much cooler. Honest.

One of the best examples of 1/6 scale figures is ThreeA:

Here's one of their human figures.  The company specialise in making these 1/6 scale figures; notably the heads and hands.  The hands tend to fully articulated - finger joints and everything!

They also have a big range from their World War Robot (WWR) set.  Heavily Ashley Wood-inspired, if not completely designed by the guy, the figures all have a nice look of wear and tear to them that make them feel that little bit more real.

How does this fit in with everything?  Well.  Here was my plan:

I wanted to have a unique journal of the travels that my wifey and myself would be making over the course of our lives.  I'm from England and she's from America, so there's going to be a fair bit of travel. I like the idea of keeping a log of what happens but I've always toyed with what medium I can use to record the trips.

Blogs are nice and today we can be as connected as ever.  I'm getting notifications in the wee hours of the mornings now that I've linked everything to my phone.  Hand-written diaries are a good thing, but it takes a really lone time to write down even the most mediocre of trips.  I do love it, but I wanted something that people would be able to ask about if they wanted to or just enjoy it for its own sake should they choose.

Enter this guy:

A cheaper 1/6 scale figure (I assume because it's grey and not flesh-toned).  I've got my eye on this for the project.  Instead of blogging and diary-keeping and whatever-else-ing, I wanted to collect tiny bits from around the world and attach them to this guy in some way.

I'm thinking a coin carried á la Rise of the Guardians:

Cool, right?

I'm also picturing a fly hook attached to the strap of a backpack, a rock inside the backpack, wool wrapped around the lower legs.  That sort of thing.

Then one of the things that I thought about was using this:

(Obviously I didn't kill the turtle for this.  I found it.)  But using this as a helmet or other such head wear was something that I thought was pretty cool.  The thought of a person this big (or little) being able to equip themselves with tools, clothes, armour and weapons from their surroundings is something that just appeals to me.  Especially when those surroundings are essentially giant versions of the world that we're living in.

So this is where I'm at right now - developing the mechanics and characters for a game based on all of this.  And I love it.  It's been in my mind for a long time but I finally started to write and draw while I was in a traffic jam on a bus two days ago.

Let's see where it goes...


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