Friday, April 23, 2010

Student Art Walk 2010.

I entered a couple of things into a student art walk - a little exhibition around the main street here in Warrensburg. It was a show based in 5 caf├ęs and included work from any student in the college who wanted their work to be seen.

This is called "My love for Her is Overflowy."

And then these are a few more dolls that I've been making for sculpture and also for myself. :D
From the left: Gorilla Juan, Monkey Juan, Alien Juan and DinoJuan.

It was a good exhibition and I was really happy to see some of my work in there. Also, for the benefit of my lecturers back in the UK at the moment, the dolls are things that I've been working on in Sculpture II.

Got to go - I'm being kicked out of the computer lab. Toodles.

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