Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drawing II. Spring 2010.

Drawings from the semester of Spring 2010. Drawing II class. In no particular order, but with some explanations as to what they are.

One of three in a narrative series. The best one of three. I drew a bottle throwing a ball into a bowl.

The first exercise of the class. Extended line drawing. Finding the angles and lines of objects and making then go from page edge to page edge.

Obligatory doodles on the side of one of my class pieces.

Using line weight and line direction to lead the viewer through a piece.

Perspective 101. One point.

Two point.

Homework using line weight to lead the eye through a piece.


Charcoal - my least favourite media. Additive and subtractive drawing with charcoal and an eraser.

First use of pastel! It was pretty fun.

Second pastel! Also pretty fun. I enjoyed getting the hang of how the pastels lay their colours down.

Another class piece. I was wanting to focus on a couple of objects as opposed to taking the whole thing in.


Graphite still life.

More graphite. More still life.

Experimenting with atmospheric perspective. Essentially making the things that are further away look more faint. And a doodle.

Straight drawing from class.

The first ideas of a piece of work based on a Master copy. I was looking at Degas and his ballet dancer pictures. This was the first sketch I did. He draw on a coloured board, so I grabbed a piece of cardboard to experiment with.

It worked well. I wasn't sure what to think about the texture, but I went with it.

A bigger one.

They just got gradually bigger.

Whilst this one was bigger, I also tried using the grain of the cardboard going vertically instead of horizontally, which is what I had been doing until this point.

My biggest test piece. About 3 feet square. Maybe.

A Master study of the piece. Graphite.

The finished piece. You can see the Master copy on the left. I was pretty happy with it. Very happy with it, in fact.

I haven't pictured the last project because we haven't started it yet, but I am going to to a diptych with a picture of me looking up at the picture and another one of me looking down at the picture.

I have not included one picture here, as I got it mixed in with the Life Drawing work. The last few weeks of the Drawing II class looks at the figure - the head in particular. That is with my other drawings.

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