Monday, April 26, 2010

Doodles. Academic year '09 - '10. A few of them, anyway.

Doodles from various sketchbooks from various times of the past 8 months or so. Various.

Robot things and references for an illustration project.

A few flower doodles for a sculpture project and idea based off another illustration project.

Another doodle based off an illustration project. I decided to try and make a cartoon out of myself. This is what I came up with.


A lot of fish. I was sat by a fish tank.

Goatboy. Or Goat Boy. This idea was based off a drawing I saw on some art sub-forums I post on every now and then.

Goat Boy again.

Different head(s).


Some doodles for a sculpture project.

And another one. This one was based on the sculpture ideas but I took it a bit further.

Mouths and tongues.

Bird creature and an eye.

Ideas for little things I could make with Super Sculpey - an over-bake clay.

Sea monster. Experimenting with different media. Paint, pen and paint pen.

More sea monster goodness. More paint, more pen, more paint pen.

Idea for different Juan dolls. I'm aiming to make every one of these and maybe more as I go. Who knows?


(Blurry) trees.

Character idea. Messing round with it.

And again at the top left. The ideas for the Super Sculpey models came from these doodles.

Skull in class. A few minutes - not that accurate.

Exploding head man. And a medusa. Of sorts.

A few more doodles.

And more.

Fish. Most of what I doodle speaks for itself because there is really not that much more thought behind it before I do it.

Me falling.

Lightning and people pointing. If I remember correctly, the point pose came from a splat on a window or something.

Bottom of those pages.

Middle of those pages.

Guy with a robot arm. Every sketchbook needs one.

Guy fixing his robot arm.


My brother's alter-ego. I'm going to work on my whole family over time. For now, it's just him.

More assorted doodles. Spacemen.

Doodles based off some more sculpture. I made little wire men and I had the idea of gluing insect wings to them. I started drawing off that idea and came up with these pages.

Little figures.

Jumping and running and flying and floating.

More doodles. That signature? Dan Scott. That's right.

Guns and fish men and a squirrel man and Earl the zombie. Haven't seen him for a while.

More men and fish men.


Assorted wings and spikes and people and things.

(Blurry) robot bits. A little minotaur at the bottom, there.

More Goat Boy. I drew him in a few sketchbooks, so there are a lot of pictures of him.

Bumpyhead man thing. I'm not that good with names.

Half a man in some sort of incubator.

More doodles of the little character. '90's freezeframe included.

Mothman. Or something.

And a little paint-doodle for my fiancée. I love her.

So there are a few doodles from the year. I'm still going. I've got a lot of work to do at the moment, but when I'm not drawing, I love doodling. I hope you've enjoyed that torrent of images. I'll try (again) to keep on top of things here.

Have a nice day.

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