Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life Drawing. Spring 2010.

Pictures from my Life Drawing class that I've been taking at UCM. In no particular order, but with a little explanation under those I can talk about.

Starting off with the skeleton. All of it at first, then we'd go on to break it down and put it back together again.

Another skeleton drawing.

Focusing on the spine in this class.

And then the ribs in the class after that. Volume was a bit of an issue, but it was great to try and create the idea of space in a picture.

First life drawing. The back. I used the class times to get back into finding my line work that I had achieved last year.

Another class, another model. Looking at the front of the torso.

Homework - posterior view of myeslf.

Homework - lateral view of myself. Looking at line more than value.

Homework - anterior view of myself. Again looking at line more than value.

Torso in class. I was trying a different style and I thought it was quite nice until my lecturer told me it made the model look like bronze...

Homework - skeleton arm.

Extended arm.

Foreshortened arm.

Skeleton legs.

Foreshortened legs.

Extended and foreshortened legs.



The face. Not that accurate in terms of looking real, but I liked the way it turned out. If I were to push it I could comfortable find another style to work with.

Another face. I was pretty happy with this one.

The last piece I've done to date. A 9-hour pose in graphite. At the end of 6 hours I ended up erasing pretty much everything and starting again. I wouldn't say that this is a 3-hour piece, but it's when most of the work was done!

Homework. Hands.

Homework. Feet.

More hands.

More feet. Gestures with pen. Because I wanted to.


Gesture arms.

Gesture legs.

Gesture arm again.

An idea for my last set of homework. I have to draw one piece from an extreme angle; one from my reflection, but I have to be touching the mirror and two self portraits looking down at myself.

Another homework idea. Combining the three homeworks. Looking down, touching a mirror and a reflection.

Extreme angle.

Extreme angle.

From this one down, they are gesture drawings. Charcoal on newsprint. 30 seconds or so.

The things that I have not posted here are the four homework pieces that I'm working on and the final piece that we started today. For the final piece, I'm doing a three part narrative (maybe more parts). One of the drawings is a self portrait looking down, one is from an extreme angle and one can be from a photo reference.

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