Friday, April 23, 2010

Sculpture II. Spring 2010.

First, two images for my Drawing II and Life Drawing classes:

Me falling.

And a thumbnail of another large image that I'm going to do - me holding out my hand.

Now here's a bit of sculpture. This was a chicken wire armature covered in burlap and plaster. I modeled a bust with a tentacle for a head and three little tentacles coming out of the back. I'm wanting to lacker it and paint it watery yellow and then pour red plaster over it.

Remember Juan? He remembers you. I made this guy over a year ago, now, and a few weeks ago, I entered him into a student citation show and won $250 with him. I started to make more and have now incorporated them into my welding project for Sculpture II.

I'm going to make a nice one and a scrappy one and give them a nice chair and a scrappy chair respectively. I weaved thick thread around the nice chair and I'm going to finish it with denim and I'm just going to leave the other chair as it is.

Bronze casting. I made this guy. Amongst other things. I love it! I cast it a couple of weeks ago and today I got a hand with drilling through his hands so I can make weapons for him and swap them out to my heart's delight. Here are the things I've got for him thus far. I've also started a shield.

And here are a few pictures of him holding the various weapons.

I'm going to make a little bit of clothing for him and use buttons in that. I'm just going to play around and see what happens. I'll keep you updated.

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