Friday, April 12, 2013

Subject 86 colour style test.

A few weeks ago, I drew up a few things and coloured them in a way I hadn't ever coloured anything in before.  I really enjoyed doing it and it took much less time than they way I usually colour stuff.

Here's Subject 86 with the style:

It's nice and easy to do.  I lasso off the blocks that I want to colour, put my brush to around 70% opacity - give or take 5% - and then go over the selected area nice and loosely three times.  When all of the blocks that I want are coloured, I lasso parts of the image that I want to shade somewhat and burn them.  Then I select a slightly bigger area around the burned areas and burn it all again.  Then that's it.

I'll throw some colours onto the engineer and see how it looks.


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