Thursday, April 11, 2013


Finally, I've scanned in the first 18 pages of my sketchbook.  I don't know how many more I have to go, but there are a fair few, that's for sure.

Here's the load I've just scanned in.  The good and the terrible; with a quick description of each:

The first ideas I put down to explain my thoughts on how the player could interact with other AR cards and the items on them.

More thoughts on interacting with AR items as well as how to discard them and the complications that could arise when items of clothing and armour are discarded.

First thoughts on clothing for Subject 86.  On the right page are idea of animals that could provide materials and items that the player can use to craft clothes, weapons, etc.

Another page of animal ideas and then how one of them could be hunted and another one worn on the right page here.

Creatures that can be found through the game - the friendly and the not-so-friendly.

On the left; some more drawings of Subject 86.  On the right; ideas on how crafting items in the game could be implemented.

A possible menu screen on the left and some alien huts on the right.

Notes from a lecture on the left and even more drawings of Subject 86 on the right.  The bottom right image is a favourite - showing Subject 86 with fur pants and spikes on his arm - a progression of the game.

On the left; how marker cards will be used and what effect they will have on the game map.  On the right; AR concepts for the marker cards.  One of my favourite pages.

So there we go.  It took a long time to get these in.  The thing I found most frustrating was that while I was waiting for them to scan, I couldn't doodle.  I just had to sit there twiddling my thumbs.

I'm off home, now.  Things to plan, dinner to make.


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