Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mock up.

I've spent the past however many hours working on a mock up for a presentation that I've got in a couple of weeks.  Here it is:

The first page here is explaining the basic idea of using marker cards for two different levels.  As you can see, in the top left image, we have a top-down view of the city.  In the middle and on the right is the sewer system beneath the city the is revealed as the camera moves downwards.  The background image is the street of the city in a view the would be feasible to attain with a suitable device.

The top image here is how the city and the sewer system would actually be placed in relation to each other.  At the bottom left, we have the view of the sewers and on the right, we have the view of the city.  The player chooses which one of these views to have displayed on their device and the way they can go about that differs depending on the level that they find themselves in or what cards are played on the environment.  The background is a view of the sewer system in a similar direction as the background image in the picture above this one.

Two examples of the effects of cards that can be played on the environment - the inset image is the result of a sinkhole card.  These can be played at any time and in any place.  Here, the city has a sewer system, so the sinkhole will reveal that.  The played may use the sinkhole in order to get down to the sewers, should they so choose.  If the sinkhole card were to be played in an environment that doesn't have any underlying features, then the cards itself would hold data that produces a cave under the sinkhole that they player(s) can explore.  On the main image, we have the result of a signpost card.  These can be thrown down, again, at any point and as they will appear on all devices that are being used; it gives they players a way of indicating a waypoint or an objective (this particular object is a signpost - there are also stones, elevators, ruined statues, etc.).  They will appear (in this case) on the streets of the city and also in the sewer system, so that both of the players will see the marker at the same point on the map.  This can be useful if a player underneath needs a bunker-penetrating missile or deep-earth drilling to defeat an enemy that they need help with.  Once the marker is thrown down, the player on the city street can see it and hit the target from above.

Other markers will not be so player-friendly.  There will be landmine markers that only the player who used them can see and there may be floating mines or animals that will not favour any player when it comes to damaging them.

That's about enough of the computer for now.  I'm going home.  Probably to draw.


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