Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Starting small.

I figured that I'd do well to start out making and trying to texture extremely basic things before I try and create people and buildings and monsters and aliens.

I wanted to keep the feel of my pen work on my 3D stuff, so - even though I went about it the wrong way - I scanned in my drawn textures and stuck them onto my model.

I say the wrong way - I thought that the easiest thing to do would be to model a pack of cigarettes and texture it.  To do this, I should have modeled the thing, mapped out the UVs so I could see which parts of the model I was going to be drawing on, drawn the textures and then put those textures onto the map to be seen on the model.

What I did instead was to draw out what I thought would be an accurate texture map and scan that in, proceeded by making the model and then mapping it out.  But I was wrong.  My drawings were less than accurate, so I had to do all sorts of shifting and skewing and rotating to get the textures to where I wanted them.  Lesson learnt.  I have another idea for doing this in the future.

Anyway.  Here's today's result:

I'm pretty happy with it.  Next time, I think I'll model the object, map out the UVs and then print out those maps.  With the printout under another sheet of paper on a light box, I'll then draw the textures on, scan it back in and then sit back as the textures all line up nice-like.

Something like that.

My tutor just informed me that a good idea for a next step is to do this again but using a smaller texture map.  I think I used 1024x1024 and I need to aim for 64x64, apparently...


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