Friday, October 12, 2012

Every day is a school day.

Today I learned how to do alphas.  Exciting stuff.

I'm getting a better grasp of what to do when I'm modeling and texturing, but there's still a way to go.  I coloured the other day's monster - the body and everything are very basic because I wasn't really focusing on them.  I'm really happy with the antennae - that's where I applied the alpha - a layer that tells the model which parts to show and which to hide.

Here's the monster:

If you remember the last post I put up here - maybe even go back to it - you'll see that the antennae are just four squares.  Here, they have rougher edges and the one on the left is damaged and bent.  All seen through the magic of alphas.

That's my best description.

Today I found out that this blog is going to be looked at as my 'reflective journal'.  This means that I'll be putting things up here that I'm looking at in relation to my course.  Things that show me what sort of thing to research so that I can show you and you can show your friends.

I'm tired.  It's Dan-day today - the 12th of the month.  Melissa-day is the 23rd of the month.  Because they're the days our birthdays are on, we do something to celebrate every month.  Nothing big, like.  It's nice though.  I got breakfast in bed this morning.  Which was lovely.


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