Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reading? On a Games Design course?!

I've started reading a few books about Augmented Reality.  Not so light, this reading.

At the moment, I'm looking at 'Prototyping Augmented Reality' by Tony Mullen.

Somewhat sidetracked, I remebered one of my favourite skateboarders - Rodeny Mullen.  Same surname.

Here's Mullen - Rodeny - talking at The University of Southern California about context shaping content.  http://skateandannoy.com/2012/06/rodney-mullen-on-ted/

It's pretty nice.  The link is to the website I got it from (visited on the 30th of October, 2012 for my Masters reference), but if you just want the video I'll try and put that below...

Nope.  Not going to happen, I'm afraid.  You'll just have to go the site and watch it there.  I'd recommend it, though.  It's nice to hear him speak - I've never heard him speak before today!

It was pretty nice to watch and he was making a good point.  When he was defending his titles in championships, he felt trapped.  But when he lost his title he found that he had the freedom to crate tricks for the sake of creating tricks.  I find it's the same with my drawing for the most part - if I have a project, I get increasingly unmotivated but as the project comes to and end I get the thirst to draw things for myself.  Even if it's the same thing I've been drawing for the project, the fact that I can do it for myself makes it that little bit sweeter.

I need lunch.  We'll see if any of the links here have worked and I'll fix them later if not.


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