Friday, July 19, 2013

Moving house!

We've moved house!

Sort of.

It's the last official day in the old place, so I'm going to be tidying up and getting things in place to get the deposit back.  The landlord we have had the pleasure of being with for the past year is great.  Laid back, kind and friendly.  It's been a joy.

But it's time to move on out.  And up.

While the studio flat was a great place for us - affordable and near town - we're needing something more.  So we've move to St Mark's church - about a mile away.  It's wonderful.

Here's my instagram picture of yesterday.  Pretty exciting.

As you can see, the Inside Out team from Serve Our Community helped us out.  Giving us furniture for the new place was such a blessing!  This whole van was full of sofas, bookshelves and a bed!  It's an amazing team that volunteer - every one of them - and run of donations.  So if you have a bed or chest of drawers or coffee table you don't want any more, give them a call and they'll pick it up from you.

I want to shower you with pictures, but it may well be when we've got a little more settled in.  The place is lovely and I can't wait to show you!

In other news, the fun doesn't stop!  I've got a full day of tidying and errands to run and then tomorrow I have the first Saturday off that I can remember and I'm going to lie in for a long time.



  1. never mind lie-ins and time off - get working on your uni work monkey!
    Remember that your sketches and doodles are cool Dan but we really need to see a level of professionalism here and a final package coming together.
    I take it there are apartmenty bits in the church and the congregation don't have to work around you cooking a fry-up in your dressing gown whilst they are trying to attend a service?

  2. I've got a drawing table now! It's getting well used and I've got a good bit of progression with some of the ideas. I'm asking round for presentation help, so that's going to be a focus of the next couple of months. I've also got a couple of friends modelling some of my characters so I can use them in the prototypes.
    We live on the balcony, so it's only the delicious smell of breakfast that interrupts the services. Not me in my nightgown.