Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I loaded my camera with images of my work, brought the card into uni and now it won't read.  Good start.

I've been home drawing for the past week (when I've had the chance - as well as work, we're moving house later this week.  It's one of those times when everything comes together at once).  I've loved it!  It's been nice putting on some headphones and losing myself in my sketchbook.

Here's one of the creatures I've been doodling:

It's an elemental sprite, I guess.  Whatever the creature was before becoming so infected by an elemental artifact is anyone's guess.  Right now, it just wanders aimlessly.  Hunger sated by the artifact's effects, elemental discharge pops from its body uncontrollably.

That's about it for the moment.  Still drawing.  Working on getting a lot more pictures up here soon.


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