Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3D test.

I've been asking around for help from friends with the modelling side of this project.  If I want a decent model this side of Christmas and one, more importantly, that won't turn inside out when I try and animate it, then outside help is a must.

Today, though, I thought that it would be interesting to try and make my own little tester model.  I'm wanting something that I can put on a display poster that I have to show people who are not familiar with the course (I think.  I know I need a poster.  I'm just assuming it's for people who aren't my tutors, seeing as though I've got a load of work and stuff to get done for the displays that I'll be putting up in here).

Basically, it'll be an image with a little note to one side that says something like "Download [this app.], open it and look at this picture!"  When they do that, I want something like this to appear:


It's an example of an Elemental Artifact that I'm going to have in the game.  Hovering over a hand.

Two things that will be different from this example:  The hand will be seen from the front, not the back like this.  Secondly, I'd like the Elemental Artifact to be rotating.  This will add a little more interest to the Augmented Reality example.

That's all for today.  I have a lot of sketchbook scanning to do...


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