Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One of those days.

So I started the day thinking that I was going to be more productive than ever and that one of my biggest milestones was going to take an hour to achieve.  Great, right?

As I said in my last post, I've found the Layar website to be the single most user-unfriendly site I have ever had the pleasure or misfortune of visiting.  As I signed in this morning, I was greeted with a nice graphic of a three-step process that read something like "Upload your image; Upload your AR graphic(s); Share with your friends."

Now having read that, I thought "Sweet.  I'll nip on here, upload an image and a very simple graphic and I'll be done with it by lunchtime."

What proceeded can be described - very accurately - as not being the case.  I uploaded my image fine.  No real problems there.  I then proceeded to look around to find the place to upload the graphic that I made for the purpose of the test.  No such place was found.  What was found, though, was a big list of pages on the site that might possible hold the key to my finding the place in which to upload my 3D model.

On having read them all, I was none the wiser.  I found a little programme that converted my model to the file type that the site and app. supports, but with what to do with said file type I still had no idea.

Then, Andy Woods from Double Fine studios did a Skype interview with the third years.  Naturally, I gatecrashed this and learnt a great deal.  So today isn't all bad.

Still.  Layar can go away.  Possibly forever.  Or maybe until I can find someone who can help me with it.


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