Friday, February 1, 2013

I gatecrashed a party, once.

It was the 65th birthday of a man I will never know the name of.  But the food was delicious and the party was at a zoo, so that's good enough, right?

This project gatecrash has taken over the last week and I LOVE IT.  It's been refreshing to have such a great side project for a short time.  I have a lot to look at today for my main Masters focus and I'm looking forward to it, but yea, it's been nice getting creative with this other project.

I'm going to be presenting my work with the other students next Thursday and I'm pretty excited about that, too.  I haven't done the level design part of the brief in the way they asked for, but I'm going to say that that's the great thing about borrowing this brief.  I can modify it to suit my means somewhat.  We're I in the group that the brief was set for, I'd have no such option, but I've had a great time focusing on one aspect over another with this thing.  Namely the character design and mechanics therefore.  Lots of fun.

I might even show you what I've been up to...

But not yet.


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