Friday, January 18, 2013

Under maintenance.

Today was going to see me go through my entire post archive and make amendments so that the links work and when you click on the 'University Bits' tag on the left; you'll be given a list of all of my university-related posts.  Because I included this tag system after I'd written nearly 230 posts, I now have to look at my posts, decide which tags they are most suited for and then edit them with a little line with what the post is about and in that line, must include the words that I want the post included in.

That was today's to-do list.  But, as with the greatest to-do lists, it's been put off for another day.  For today, I have no scheduled lectures, so instead of going in to uni, I'm going to have lunch with my wifey and then make my way over to Worthy Gaming - a new(ish) game store in town.  It's been here for three months or so, but it's quite out of the way, so I only found it last week.  They have the usual Games Workshop stuff but they also hold a lot of other companies' lines - Privateer Press, etc.  (I say 'etc.' because I only remember the Privateer Press).

My plan is to go in and have a word with the guys who work there.  I'm going to be conducting some research.  That's it.  Research.

I know they run game nights four nights a week, but I'm really wanting to talk to a couple of people to start with, so I figured the middle of a uni day would be the best time.  I'm going to ask them about the mechanics of their favourite games and least favourite games; why they like one mechanic, what they'd change about the things they don't like; that sort of stuff.

I'm looking forward to it because they are really friendly.  Their painted models in the windows are all sorts of amazing, too, so they'll be nice to look at for a good while.  It's one of those give up or get better things that I talked about a couple of weeks ago.

For pictures:

This guy is making its way over as of Saturday and I am very excited about it.  It's one of the things that I got with my birthday money last year and it's nearly all mine!  I'll be fully mine when I'm holding it.  Once I have the thing I'll post a picture of it, instead of this stock image from the site.

At the moment, I'm rocking a little side bag that is a bit small for the things I'm wanting to keep with the camera.  There's a tripod that I'm borrowing from my dad, a fisheye extension, wide angle extension, macro tubes, a flash, the stock 18-55mm lens, 75-300mm lens and (my personal favourite) my 50mm lens.  All things delicious.  I got a few little other bits, too - wireless flash feet (or something - remote flash triggers so I can take a picture of you but have the flash at the side.  Or behind. Or above.  The possibilities are nearly endless) and a GORILLAPOD!  I've been looking at the Gorillpod for a while and I'm very excited to get my hands on it.

There it is.  I think I'll pretend it's walking around like an alien more than I'll use it to take pictures with.  At least at first.

What I'm going to aim to do with this blog is merge it with my other blogs.  For one of them, it'll be as simple as copying and pasting the content gradually over until I've done it for every post.  For another I was thinking of keeping it separate, but I really don't know why. I think it's because of the blog title.  It's and I still think it's a good name, even if it's somewhat neglected as of late.  A fine example of that being the latest post - week four of a 30-week challenge...  Posted in March last year...

I'm looking forward to getting involved with the media team a bit more at church.  The head of the team was asking me to come in and see the goings on, so I'm stoked to do that.  I'm really enjoying photography casually and to be able to improve whilst still having it fairly laid back is something that I need.

And all my new equipment is going to make me a better photographer, right?  Right?!

I'm off.  Things to do, money to sort out, lunch to eat, etc.


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