Saturday, July 7, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CLXXXVIII].

So I found something I thought would be a whole lot of fun.

The mountain bike backpack by Bergmönch.  Backpack on the way up, mountain bike on the way down.  Yes please.

Should I find it on amazon, it will no doubt be added to the ever-growing wishlist...  Lenses, lockpicks, snake hooks.  That sort of thing.

My wifey and I had a great time today celebrating the 4th of July.  Even though it's the 7th.  It's ok.  We had a load of friends over and played American pictionary, Sharades, had an American quiz and played telephone pictionary.  We also had a load of doughnuts, KFC and Oreos.  Obviously.

It made me miss the States  :(  I can't wait to be in university again and channeling all my America-missing into work and low-poly, 3D props and characters.  Bleh.

I really want to be fishing right now.  Or making something.  Or catching snakes.

Here are some things from my amazon wishlist.  I figure it'd be nice to share  :)

Here's one of three bags that are on the list simply because I need to have a better look at them before I decide which two to not get.

Here's another one.  I'm trying to find a good mix of camera and lens space and space for things I'd take on a hike.

My dad has a Canon AV-1 and it's got a 50mm lens.  This adapter is cheaper than a 50mm EOS lens and it enables me to buy cheaper FD-mount lenses for Canon, too.  Bonus.

Tripod.  I think it'd be a sensible thing to have for long exposures.

And a good, soft brush to keep lenses free from dust and hair and the like.

And this beauty!  A ring flash for my in-your-face macro shots.

As I look through my wishlist I sigh; remembering that the prices in America are much better  :)

Nevertheless, I'll continue to add to it.


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