Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting the hang of this posting thing.

Well for today, I didn't do a whole lot of what I should have done...

I did doodle a bit.

Character design for one of my enemies - Big Mouth - and a colour palette that I didn't really adhere to.

Another Big Mouth idea and the one I will most probably keep and model in Maya. Ha. I hope.

This is concept work for a comic (I assume) called Gunhead. I love it. I looked at one of the figures on the right and had a go at drawing it again.

Here it is all coloured in.

And here's the linework.

Here are some more doodles.
I also did a couple of really short animations to see if I could. I could. They're not the best, but I know how to do them now. A bit more time and a bit more patience, I should be animating and things in little to no time.

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