Monday, November 1, 2010

A few things from the past few weeks... It's about time I tell you all again that I'm going to try and keep up to date with my posts. This time I've got the excuse/helpful idea that since I'm on the computer at least three days a week, I can use one of these days to show y'all a little bit of what I'm doing.

First Maya 'doodle'. A nice, big cartoony gun. I like it. I don't like Maya.

Today's work. I am very happy with this. A big thanks to Thom Rosell for all the help he gave me. I wanted to get it textures by the end of the day. An hour and forty minutes after the end of the day, I was finished.

Ideas for two characters that I'm thinking of including in the same game as the Maya doll above.

A character idea sheet for another game I'm working on. I'm excited about this game. This character didn't go through, though. It was replaced by a number of smaller characters.

And a mock-up of a card for the same game as the bomb-head character. The card's title: Big Gun.

That's about it for today. I'll have some more things next week. Sometime.


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