Friday, September 27, 2013

Sketches! Part I.

The fact there's an A3 scanner here means that I cut my scanning time in half.  I am very grateful for that.

Here are four pages from my sketchbooks.  Untouched after scanning, so pardon the scribbles and 'bleh' drawings.  (Whenever I'm drawing something and it's not going well at all, I scribble through it and write 'bleh' next to it.  Then I forget about it forever.)  Also, the mess in the top corners of the pages are places I've unclogged the end of my pen.  No-one likes a clogged pen.

Here they are; roughs for a little book I'm putting together:

People and satellites.

Satellites and screens.

Notes from a completely different game I'm working on.
And notes for the book I'm putting together.

Borders for the book, layout ideas and illustrations for the book.

City layout and 'bot bits.

Box ideas and level layout.

There will be more posts to come; I can assure you.  These are 6 scans out of 43...

Now to edit some of them!


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