Friday, March 8, 2013

Lectures, lectures.

Today saw two lecturers come in to the uni and talk to us for a bit.

The first was great; the second, not so much.  But their time is appreciated and all that.

Fig Taylor came and spake about her time in the illustration business and agents, clients, freelance work and so forth.  It was hugely inspiring and helpfully practical.  Interspersed with some funny anecdotes and advice that is very usable.

The main theme of the lecture was how we can create an effective portfolio and use it to get hired.  Based on her book 'How to create a Portfolio and get hired'.

It was helpful in getting us to understand how we can tailor our 'folios - whether digital or printed - to the needs and uses of the companies we are thinking of applying to and what to expect - for the most part - when we go and meet up with prospective employers.

It was engaging, motivating and thought-provoking.

Then we went to a second lecture and watched videos.  In the first lecture, we were told that bad illustration and illustration that we don't personally like are two very different things.  So what I saw may have been good animation.

I used the word 'spake' instead of 'spoke'.  I'm trying to bring it back.


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