Friday, March 1, 2013


I've had Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture on most of today and yesterday.  It makes me feel like I'm doing work victoriously.

I've been doing a good few drawings for a summer camp that we hold at the church.  I haven't scanned anything in yet, but I'm having a great time drawing a lot of things very quickly.  Back to good old pen and paper.

I've also been fighting with Maya for the past three days in uni.  It's not the most cooperative programmes at the best of times, and now that I've found a way to model that suits me well it's crashing like it's going out of style.

Battling that as I am, here's what I've done today:

Well, not completely today, but throughout the week.  I spent Tuesday getting the body and legs, yesterday on the arms and then today finishing off the arms and doing the hands and head.  A lot went wrong and a lot can be improved, but two things keep me encouraged:

One - for my first figure in Maya I'm very happy with it, even though I know very well that my 100th figure in Maya will be almost infinitely better.

Two - Doing things to the standard you want to do them and taking your time to do it right is better than a rushed job full of flaws and things you knew you'd want to change when you were doing it.  I will get better and I will get faster.  And I'm looking forward to that.

Still.  I'm pretty stoked to have this guy done as my first model.  A good milestone.

In other news, I found the Minecraft spot in Borderlands 2.  If you didn't want to know about it, don't read that last bit.

I'm off home to draw some more and maybe play a little Borderlands 2.


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