Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guess who's back; Back again. Me.

I think when I (eventually) get an iPhone 4 and my picture quality is a bit better, I'll be a happy bunny. It's all about the ease of uploading things, I guess.

I may have posted these before, but here they are again. My triptych of telephone poles. There's something about telephone poles that I find intriguing. It's probably got something to do with the fact that they're all pretty unique. I like that.

My horse(?) skull and fabric. It was from a project that was inspired by some of the masters. I had Degas and the image of a ballerina tying her shoes.

Now for the new stuff. I've drawn these guys. I am very happy with this image for a few reasons - the first is that it's a new style that I'm giving a go. I normally just go at something with a biro and what I have at the end is every mark I've made from the start. I like it because it keeps a lot of energy and is a story in itself, but for this one I drew out the characters with a technical pencil and then went over it with a gel pen.
The second reason I'm happy with it is because this is the first picture I've drawn that shows two characters together. Normally, when I had a project in uni that required two or more characters on one page, interacting with one another, I drew them separately and put them together in photoshop.
The third is that this is one of the first 'Post-Apocalyptic' characters I've drawn that is not heavy-laden. There's no huge backpack with the guy's life possessions, there's nothing weighing him down. He's kitted out to scavenge for a short time and then return to a base. He's equipped with the very basics.
It'd be fun to trace over this and equip him more and then do it again and equip him even more...

... It was a combination of these pictures - a couple of doodles to look at the pose...

... and one of these guys. I'm new to drawing robots and things like that, so I've been drawing variations of this guy* as much as possible to get used to the feel of it.

*See 'Rabbitmobile' post.

And more dolls. Naturally.

One artist I am a big fan of is Jouste. The Drawbarian. Had I the presence of mind to think of a suffix for my name, Drawbarian would have been what I went for. But he picked me to it. Fair enough. He has incredible line work and an energy that makes his drawings pop. His characters are fantastic, too, with great stories behind them. He can be found at and he also contributes to On his DeviantArt page, there are more links to where you can find his work, so I'd encourage you to check it out.

One of his characters is Dogsword the Demolisher. I had a little go a rendering him in my style when I was warming up the other day. He retweeted it. Made my day.

I'm going to give this pencil drawing thing a go a bit longer, I think. It's pretty nice to be able to move things around and have a cleaner image at the end. I'm not going to stick with it - I like the energy I get with the biro, but for now it's nice to give it a go.


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  1. I would love to buy a custom ragdoll from you. would you be willing to make and sell one? if so contact me at cheers buddy.

    P.S Rhoda sent me here!