Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday mercenary.

So I'm here - not so much wasting time as I am posting things on my blog.

My friend Warner is busy fiddling with flash and trying to squeeze in my outrageously big files into it... It didn't start well, but he's some sort of wizard and now things are looking great.

Just thought I'd let you know.

This guy is a mercenary character for one of my projects. The first drawing I've done for a while where I've started with pencils and then inked it very basically. Not used to that. I wanted to keep all of my lines, so I went ahead and drew it again in biro. That's better.

Scribbles and such, too. That little robot is his sidekick. Modelling for your viewing pleasure the camera attachment - a vital aid in a situation that needs a tiny camera on a robot.


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