Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another drawing.

The image I wanted to put here is actually at the bottom of the post now... It took long enough to get it here, I don't want to fiddle round and lose it.

Also, thank you to my friend Thom for helping me get this together. Monkey soldier. He was going to be a regular soldier but I drew his arms huge. So I added a tail and gave him big ears. Bam. Monkey soldier.

He's pretty adept at fixing things and generally fiddling round with tiny bits and pieces. He's adapted a flare gun to fire flares, 40mm grenades, slugs and smoke grenades.

At the moment that's it, but he'll work on more things soon. I'm sure. The lizard is a shameless use of a reference by a guy on DeviantArt called jouste. Check out his work. jouste.deviantart.com


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