Saturday, January 3, 2015

Maybe an excuse...


So these are three pictures from December:

Empty lab tubes.  Not the first lot taken.  Definitely not the last.

More labs.  This was when I was in the hospital.  Still not the last taken.  At all.

My big fat arm from 6 days of IV.  It's gone down now, but my legs seem to have swollen instead.

Yea.  I've been pretty sick this month.  It's been a sucky Christmas, but presents - fortunately - have never been the meaning of Christmas to me or my family.  To celebrate what is such a completely new way of looking at and experiencing God - as a Man on Earth - is a joy to do. 
it's not confined to the one day a year, but it's something that my family and I get to celebrate in every day.  It's amazing.

Even though being in the hospital for a week was rubbish.

Still getting back on track; I'm not feeling great and I'm seeing the doctor again in a few days.  I can't wait to be better.

Bed time.


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