Thursday, November 13, 2014

No excuses!

I've had the Blogger app. on my phone for longer than I can remember. But I don't like how the posts look on my page online. That's a pretty bad reason not to post.

So today is as good a day as any to start posting from my phone. At least I'll be getting something up here for you and I can always edit it when I do get online.

And it's my birthday! 28 years old today.

To start:

Baby Fairweather is this big, now! Another reason I've not posted that much as of late, which I don't mind.

A couple of 'mascot' designs for the high school. Nothing official and more of a character exercise than anything, but fun nonetheless.

Part of a game design that I'm trying in a different way. I really liked the designs for some of the sections of the race track in Wreckit Ralph - made with proper sweets! I figured I'd try something similar for a game I'm working on.

And then this one to finish. We get some awesome thunderstorms rolling through the town. And our house sits opposite a great space for us to watch the lightning when it hits the next town. It's truly awesome.

Well, the low battery beast strikes. I'll be back soon with some more created things!

Thanks for waiting for me.


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