Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sometimes it's nice to use words that make us seem smart.  More so when you're an artist.  Plus, now I can apply my new phrases to everyday life, should I so choose.

  If someone's house is on fire, it denotes that their things are burning.  If they talk further and explain why it was a bad thing, they would connote that the things that are burning have different meanings to them.
  A symbol of the fire would be the smoke.  It's a connection that we've made through simply observing it.  To put it out, we'd look for an extinguisher.  That would have an icon that represents fire, so we know what it's for.
  The object of the fire would be the flames.  The Representamen would be the light being emitted from it.  The Interpretant would be that the things it touches are going to be damaged and if it touched a person, they will come to harm and I don't know what I'm talking about any more.

These are sable.  Or sables.  I don't know the plural.  Is it like fish/fish or chicken/chickens? 
 Who knows.  The one at the top is the one we paint with.  The one at the bottom is not.  The 
more you know...

Drawing in class opened my mind a bit.  Well, it made me think a bit more about simplifying things, anyway.  I have to snap out of my doodling mindset, I think.  I'm scared, but it's how I'm going to learn.  My doodles are going to be used, but for now I need to think of silhouettes and basic shapes and things.  It's always weird to use new tools and techniques, too.  I've been drawing with a biro for the past 6 years or so.  Such is my wont.  It's going to be good to use ink with a brush.  Or even pencils.

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  1. Your example of smoke = fire and fire = fire extinguisher are actually really good examples of indexes. An index is a type of sign that uses imagery that is related to the subject to represent it rather than depicting the subject itself.
    Please, don't ever snap out of your doodling mindset! Just figure out more ways to use your doodles for more of your work. Try working in more solid shapes into your doodling. Takes more ink, but is awesome.